Run or Die

Written By: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Shouted, Written Down & Quoted


Verse 1

[Em] A head full of dreams on the [D] shoulders of a fallen [G]queen
[B7]Her eyes just like [Em] dynamite from the back of a [D]mail order [G]magazine
With[Em] no[D] line[G]  
there’s[Em] nothing[D] to cross[B7] 
With[Em]no [D]rope[G] 
Nothing to [Em]hold 
Maybe[D] you’ll find[Em] hope


I think I’ll[G] run before they [D]know what I have [B7]done
[Em]Gonna clear [D]myself from [G]here
It may be a[C] while before [D]I feel [B7]alive 
but I will[C] run or [D]I may [Em]die


Bunch of books on the side of the road seems like such a waste of words
Crayons on the sidewalk melting I’m watching their colors turn
Somewhere I’m at peace elsewhere I’m only lonely
I’m not easy to please
But try me to try me

Maybe the last step’s the hardest
Could be the one that you will regret
With nothing left to stand for doesn’t seem like there’s anything left
Let’s reach a decision
So there's something to walk away from
Good ideas should succeed
If not then someone fooled me

Tabbed by: Mhoff