Past My Prime

Written by: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Shouted, Written Down & Quoted

Intro G riff
Twenty-seven dollars in an old jean jacket
And there’s dust under the collar
Because I’ve been walking for hours
But I’m almost where I said that I 
would be

Just like long television
This heart full of ambition
Has been haunting my dreams
Reaching for grander things
And I never really knew
If they could be mine

 [Em]         [C]   [D]   [G]
But I’m out way past my prime
[Em]               [C]        [D]  [G]
Looking for reasons I didn’t get my time

Keep a bottle top list of the chances I missed
While I’m on my way to that vacant place
And I promised myself I would not escape
One more drink and I’m anyone’s useless mess
Just a helpless man with no self defense
If I’m not yours, what are you looking for?


My knees aren’t bleeding when I seem defeated
If I try to save face before I make it 
to where I set out
And swore that I would find


Tabbed by: Mhoff / Lyrics provided by: Robbie Cox