Through The Trees

Written by: Paul Hoffman & Michael Bont
Appears on: Less Than Supper, All Access Vol. 2

Capo II

Intro G/Am/C/D/G
When we first met we both were 
The future still seemed far away
Now different faces paint the 
canvas etched upon my mind
Taking me back to a different 
place and time

Repeat intro for chorus
Take me back down that old wandering road 
In the spring of distant melodies
As I step through the trees I look back and think of you
Let the years live in memories

As the years slide by together we stop and rest
Set the pace of these wheels in motion
Different people that I've come to know 
Traveling down this long road
Make old times seem like new


While the green leaves all fade to gold and brown
A chill breeze brings you back to me
I still think of you and the times that we shared
If you're gone and removed from my side