Into the Rafters

Written by: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Five Interstates, All Access Vol. 1

Capo V

[G]Traveling through these [C]mountains [D]far from home[G]
[G]Looking for the[C] reason looking [D]for the road[G]
Alone and in [Em]good company 
I found [G] a way to [C]make myself part of these [G]towns

[D]And all the while these birds find their[C] way [G]into the rafters [D]
They don’t know what they're after 
Like I [Em]can’t reach you [C]'cause [G]you’re too far away[D]. [G]

[D]You keep losing pieces that I [C]just[G] can’t carry [D]
Wish we’d all stop spinning 
‘cause these [Em]words weigh [C]nothing when [C]you’re too far[G] away[D]. [G]


Tabbed by Matt Hoff