Fixin' to Ruin

Written by: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Shouted, Written Down & Quoted

Capo VII

Intro  C   G/B   Am   Am/G   F    G    C 
            C                  G/B
I ask a lot of hard questions
                         Am    Am/G        
looking for the easy answers like
F                      G                         C
Im only gonna hurt you if we touch 
              C        G/B                 Am      Am/G
I think I fell in love with a hand full of too much
F                     G                       C
I couldn’t save enough for us

Em                   F                                   C      G/B      Am
Looks like you found the right one way to soon
             F              G
And your fixin to ruin
Em                    F                         C            G/B       Am
Nothing like the wrong way to help you see
F                      G                       C
The better man you couldn't be

Circle back the wagon 
Im fallin off again
I think ill settle for awhile
I was afraid the first time, But I learned to reconcile
The distance between me and my dreams


I learned to speak
At the risk of being all wrong
This is the line that I forget
Been welcomed here this is my kinda place,
But I never could figure how to stay