Bring Out Your Dead

Written by: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Handguns

Capo IV (for standard tuning Am=C#m G=B C=E )

Intro Lick

>>Two hard hits on Am>>>

Bring out your dead, the law is 
coming and there's nowhere left to 
hide, big black shoes comiƄ down, 
Clean out from the inside, people 
Been killed for what they made,
Taken on more than they carry away

Somebody pushed me in a hurricane 
cuz I can’t stand standing still. 
I’ve got a whole shitload of trouble 
but I still ain’t had my fill. 
I've got sin covering my lies. 
Good God I’ve got nothing to hide.


Left town a block up not nearly far enough.
 I’m not well, it’s unsafe and I think I’ve had too much. 
Gonna push back and make noise today. 
I’m gonna be heard coming in this way. 

Taking fire from behind it’s not safe to be in this land.
Show them the driver, 
show them his gun, it’s in your able hand. 
Gonna be free or dead tonight. 
One foot one fight at a time. 

Bring out your dead the law is 
coming and there’s no where left to 
hide, Big black suit is coming down gonna 
clean out from the inside 
People being killed for what they made. 
Taking on more than they can carry away

Tabbed by mHoff