Old Barns

Written By: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: Five Interstates, All Access Vol. 2

Capo 2 



[G]I can remember[D] 2.06[C] a [G]gallon
Still I can't recall how[D] fast I was[C] driving[G]
[D]Didn't[C] wake up feeling [G]scared
'Cause you're the [D]one I love, and [C]you were standing there[G]

Verse (repeat chords from above)

Can't touch my heart, it's not my time
Bust my bones and throw my body on the line
I've got love to fill me in
I've got family to help me re-begin

[C]Old barns don't tear down 

[D]Let 'em stand proud until they fall to the ground[G]

Verse (repeat chords above)

Its a strange feeling to wake up to meet my saviors
And this whole bizarre ballet that I lived through
But I'm not living on a loan
These wounds are mine to set me free

Chorus (repeat chords)
Old barns don't tear down
Let 'em stand proud until they fall to the ground

I feel like every man should know what I know
This boy I've raised will take care of things when I go
And I'm not looking on scared
'Cause you're the one I love, and you're standing there

Old barns don't tear down
Let 'em stand proud until they fall to the ground 

Tabbed by matt hoff