In Control

Written by: Paul Hoffman
Appears on: If Sorrow Swims


Intro riff for guitar

Intro chords [G] [D/F#] [Cadd9]

[G]Started fleeing comfort for [D/F#]something closer to the edge
[Cadd9]full beer and contempt of a conscious
[G]Thoughts abandoning ensues[D/F#] but I turn to[Cadd9] walk towards home instead
[G]no I am not without[D/F#] weakness I will[Cadd9] find what lies ahead
I am not out of[G] control [D/F#][Cadd9]

Repeat progression throughout

now I'm swerving in and out to feel the force of the curve I check, im fond of danger
nothing's really out of line everyone should make the time to find it
will you ride beside me now or have a frightened all the words away
I'm not out of control
not out of control
I'm not out of control
if we can focus now is certain this will all be clear
can we last for a while what if we can
everything around me now has been reduced to the ground at the cost of the fooloish nature
consequence and conditioning always at me to slow my pace saying
it could all be worth it, how the hell do we know, we tried we could all be worth it so how the hell do we know we tried
I'm not a control
not out of control not out of control out of control

Tabbed by Matt Hoff