Bringing in the Georgia Mail

Recorded by: Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs
Written by: Fred Rose

[1] See that engine puffin', boy she's makin' time
That old train is wearin' out the [5] rail, rail, rail
[1] Headin' for the mountains that she's got to climb
Bringin' In The [5] Georgia [1] Mail

Ninety miles an hour and she's gainin' speed
Listen to the whistle moan and wail, wail, wail
Has she got the power, I'll say, yes indeed
Bringin' In The Georgia Mail

See them driver's travel, watch her sand the track
Ought to put that engineer in jail, jail, jail
Has he got her rollin', watch her ball the jack
Bringin' In The Georgia Mail

A-Rockin' and a-reelin', spoutin' off that steam
Bet the fireman hopes the brakes don't fail, fail, fail
Curbin' for the Depot, listen to her scream
Bringin' In The Georgia Mail